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Monday, 15 October 2012

Warning: Vintage obsession

Hello one and all. Today - first Vintage post!

Now, I would love to dress in vintage every day, but because of most Vintage price tags, that it impossible. A lot of vintage shops are really expensive. However, I do have a solution to this problem!

I have found that you can get lots of lovely Vintage style prices cheaply from high street shops! A while back, I bought an absolutely gorgeous 1940's style dress from a high street shop for £6.00! I have also bought other lovely items from shops as well! If you look, there are some amazing things you can find!

And that leads me on to charity shops! I have found lovely vintage style things in some charity shops, including a really nice white embroidered shirt! And it helps charity at the same time! Great!

Also, eBay. There are lovely vintage style things on there!

So my solution - wearing high street vintage and other bits and pieces you find, you can make an outfit look vintage for less!

So, first Vintage fashion post done! Good bye for now!

The Vintage Ravenclaw xx

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