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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Awesome Web Chat

Hello one and all! Today I got very excited, owing to the fact that J.K Rowling was doing a live web chat!!

A friend and I dressed up in our full Hogwarts Uniform ( even though no one could see us ) and watched the web chat! J.K answered questions from schools ( mostly American ), talked about the books and read out a bit of Philosopher's Stone! It was the part when Harry buys his wand from Mr Ollivander, and Ollivander says "Curious......" I love that bit, and it was amazing to listen to her read it!

And the answer to the question everyone wants to know ..........

J.K does have a Pottermore account, although she is not telling her name, and she was Sorted into ....... Gryffindor!!! ( Sad face. I had hoped that she was a Ravenclaw )

So, that was my awesome day today! Thanks for reading!

The Vintage Ravenclaw xx

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